Foot Trimming Tool

Foot Trimming Tool

Since writing this I have started producing these tools myself and they are now available to purchase from the shop.

Having a shaped foot on a piece has many advantages, practically as well as aesthetically. The main disadvantage is the extra time it can take to trim one, especially when you're making many copies of a simple form. This simple tool allows you to add a consistent shaped foot to a piece at the same time as undercutting the base, so doesn't even add an extra step to the process.


This is essentially a modified undercut tool, which will consistently produce feet with whatever profile you choose to make.


To make one, you need a small metal bar (15x2mm stainless steel would be good), and the tools and ability to cut and drill it.


Get your metal bar and drill a hole in it (or cut a shape if creating a non-circular profile to the foot). I use a tool with an eight millimetre hole for the majority of the pieces I make, but having a larger one for bigger bowls is a good idea.


Mark your intended bend. I put mine at an angle so the cutting head can be vertical while the tool is at a more comfortable angle. If you bend at a right angle, the handle of the tool would have to be touching the batt to get a vertical cutting head.

Once you've done that, cut any extra metal needed to give the cutting profile you want. I did mine with simple straight lines to meet up with the hole I drilled, but you could make it more elaborate if you wanted.


Bend along your marked line. If you have a vice you can get a very effective magnetic bending tool for not much money, but you can do this stage with a hammer and brute force if not.

As you'll be using the tool on soft clay it doesn't need to be sharpened in the same way a trimming tool would be, but you can do that if you want.

That's all there is to it! Please try it and let me know how you get on, message me or use the hashtag oldforgecreations (I often miss @mentions on Instagram and there's no way to find them afterwards, but I'll see the tag). Good luck!

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