Relaxed Christmas Discount Code

Christmas can be a stressful time of year, particularly when it comes to last minute rushes and the struggle to find emergency presents.

I generally work by making or glazing pieces to order, which allows me to offer a wider range of options without having to keep each of the hundreds of variations in stock, but does mean that I’m limited in how quickly I can send urgent orders. Ceramics can’t be rushed without the clay warping or cracking, so if I don’t have a piece thrown, bisqued, and ready to glaze, then it simply can’t be done immediately no matter how urgently it’s needed. It’s a making process that sets its own pace, which is one of the reasons it’s so rewarding most of the time.

So, in order to take the stress out of Christmas shopping for you, and Christmas making for me, and to ensure that nobody misses out on what they want because of the pace of clay drying, I’m offering a Relaxed Christmas discount code for Christmas orders placed with plenty of time.

Use the offer code RelaxedChristmas for up to 25% off your whole order. [Edit - Dropped to 20% on 10th Oct]

The discount runs until the 25th November, but decreases in 5% increments every couple of weeks as Christmas gets closer. Orders placed using the code will be send with plenty of time to arrive before Christmas, but the longer timescale will allow me to better manage demand. Please note that while the RelaxedChristmas orders will be sent as soon as they’re ready, regular orders will take priority. You can use the code for a non-Christmas order if you’re happy with the potential delay, but please don’t use the code for anything needed urgently.

Large Bowl - Peacock Eye

Large Bowl - Peacock Eye