Handle Extruder Dies

Handle Extruder Dies

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The easiest way to produce consistent handles. These are laser cut from acrylic and are designed to be used with a handheld extruder (Specifically this one, but should fit other 2" handheld extruders).

There are 6 designs; 3 incremental basic handles (8x16mm, 9x18mm, 10x20mm) which allow you to match the handle to the size of the piece, one wider strap handle (8x22mm), and 2 shaped profiles that provide a more interesting surface for glazes to flow over.

 I have also included an option for purchasing the extruder with the order, which I will order from Potterycraft on your behalf. This is so that international orders can avoid paying two sets of shipping costs, but it will take longer as I can't dispatch until I have the extruder. If they are out of stock on Potterycrafts' website then it can take several weeks before I'm able to send the order. Please don't use a discount code on the version with the extruder. I'm passing them on at cost, so applying the discount would mean I lose money on it.


To see the blog post on how I use them, click here.

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